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Latrodectus erection

Latrodectus erection

Vice Magazine

Best quote: "The juxtaposition of the images is incredible; it makes you view the human body in a totally different light. Like, you know how when you’re having sex while you’re tripping, and you look down and see yours and your lover’s sex organs colliding and everything suddenly becomes a bit too real, and you’re like, “Wait… eww” but you’re also like, “Wow, the world is pretty amazing”? Well Sexual Selection is kind of like that." Article by Karley Sciortino

LA Times Review

Review about live show I co-founded in LA and was the artistic director. I was 5 months pregnant at the time with second child. It was quite a spectacle in itself to watch me choreograph a sensual dance while bumping belly on piano. 

NYC Sexy Museum Exhibit: "Digital Archeology"

Art Press

Interesting interview, more complex questions. interview

One of my favorite old articles by David Bowman. My work was described as a display of "Sexual narcissism" and "Cindy Sherman's worst night mare". When is the last time you even heard the term "narcisist" in a derogatory sense?? Back in 2000 self portraits were rare. The word selfie was a decade away from being coined.... today narcissism seems quaint.


My very first press.



Rolling stone

The concept of the show is to amaze people.


Hilarious! Sex scandal about a boss showing his secretary my first book "Digital-Diaries". She thought it was about computers. A key component of the trial revolved around whether the book was art or porn.  Sadly, no one asked me to testify.

Front magazine

I wrote about this experience in detail in my second book "Sexual Selection". In Short, I showed up for what i thought was an interview and it turned out I was a model. After much heated debate (think angry impetuous feminist)  I let them "doll me up" but insisted that I shoot all the pictures of myself. The cover is the only shot by the magazine photographer. Read my text about it here.

Trace Magazine

"Second Skin" one of my very rare fashion shoots.