Introduction to Sexual selection 

By Richard Prince, 2012 

This other reality is what I get from looking at Natacha's new book "Sexual Selection". Especially page 119. Girl holding man's cock. Half her face outside the picture. She looks like she's wearing some kind of flowered dress. Her hand is tight around the shaft of the cock. The head of the cock is almost obscured by uncircumcised skin. The cock is half hard. It will be awhile before there's cum on her dress. (All over the flowers). She makes him wait. First she has to water the plant and feed her cat. He doesn't mind. And neither do I. We like to look and we like to look forward. It's the person on the other side of the camera, the one who is looking through the lens and observing our play, that we love. We just need to stay calm (like we don't care), and wait for their finger to press the shutter and make the exposure. We can do this all day. And if they don't see anything they want to hold and set in stone they can come back tomorrow and we can start all over again. We already know that a life in pictures is what we were born to do.